You are undoubtedly well-informed about the topic of the stock market. Nevertheless, there are definitively a few questions which remain unanswered. For example, “Why is the price of my stock falling although the company has published good results? And why do some share prices rise even when the economy is in a depression?”

Financial consultants and the media frequently offer “explanations” for these interconnections. And, when every line of argument has proved inadequate, they resort to the explanation that is all “merely” due to the psychology of the markets. Psychology is the branch of science which is concerned with the outward expressions and the natural laws of human behaviour and experience and whose conditions it examines. But psychology on the markets?

In the opinion of many people, these two have nothing to do with each other. They believe that business on the markets is exclusively a matter of money and hard facts, of market and company analyses based on fundamental and quantitative aspects, the results of which are analysed and evaluated, then turned into successful investment strategies.

This, however, is only partly true, for there is a world of markets which is concerned with psychological phenomena which are based upon century-old scientific perceptions and principles.

This is the world which forms, exclusively, the basis of our work which we would like to present to you on the following pages.

So come with us into the world of the markets, with its fascination and harmony – and you will discover many things.

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